Archery Practice


Time and Place:
See the Calendar for date/time/place. If there’s any doubt about if there will be practice, check the Facebook group, the mail list  or use the contact form below to check in with the Marshal. Archery practice is typically on a weekend afternoon during good weather, as it is held out of doors. April-October is our usual span, but we extend as possible.

Practice – Exercise clothing suitable for outdoors and possibly mud. Long sleeves.
Royal Rounds/Events – Full SCA approved garb

Beginners – none, loaner gear is available
Archers – SCA East Kingdom approved bow and arrows

Voluntary donation to cover costs of targets and backers. A smile and a thank you to our host is all that is needed for the site. Perhaps some snacks or drinks to share?

Novice archers are trained by the more experienced archers. They are taught how to use their bow, how to check their equipment for safety and how to score the targets. New archers should demonstrate their knowledge of the rules and ability to participate safely before they can compete in tournaments. Authorization is not required, but a safety check is performed before each shoot.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our marshal, Aurddeilen (mundanely known as Ray Becker) by using this form:

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