Business Meeting Minutes 2017-01-19

  • While waiting for everyone to arrive, SCA release forms were handed out by Jenevra for the following
    1. Model release forms – you give your permission to have your picture posted on the Shire/SCA sites
    2. Photo release forms – you give your permission for your photograph to be posted on the Shire/SCA sites
    3. Creative release forms – you allow your creative content to be posted on the Shire/SCA sites.
  • For those that still need to fill them out, they can be found at the following links, filled out and returned to Jenevra (Christine Connors).
  • As a last item of business as Seneschal Aurddeilen handed out book for each of the officers with information on their office, SCA and Kingdom Laws as a reference and will be passed on when leaving office. He then turned the meeting over to our new Seneschal Ravenna. Thanks were given to Aurddeilen for his service as leader to the group.

Officer Reports

  • Chronicler: Sigridh wants to get the newsletter going and would like to feature an office in each edition, starting with our Seneschal to get to know our officers. Meeting minutes will be posted on our website as will the newsletter when it is ready and will hopefully be published every other month.
  • Webminster: Jenevra wanted input on logins for the site, officer – vs‐ individual. We will have a static web page for each officer, a resources page with links to pertinent web sites and forms, a group blog page, and member only access to a discussion page and pictures.
  • Chatelaine: We had several contacts regarding fencing via the shire chatelaine email
  • Knight Marshal: nothing to report, but Morwill did mention that fencing practice is in need of loaner gear for new fencers
  • Herald: nothing to report.
  • Mistress of the List: nothing to report
  • Exchequer: Account access needs to be transferred over to new Exchequer and Seneshal.
  • Minister of Arts & Science: Aurddeilen said he would like to get some field trips together for the group to places like the Cloisters in New York, the 100th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Japanese Tea House April 2, the Sacred Arts Festival at Bryn Athyn on April 23 and perhaps the Morgan Library in NYC. He would also like to get monthly workshops going and listed a wide variety that he is able to teach: glass bead making, enameling, leather working, armoring, and many more. Also Feargus has agreed to do another chair workshop and Andreas has been contacted about an arrow making class

Upcoming Shire Events

  • Artisans Village: Jenevra reported that we have a site for the event at Tohickon Valley Park in Upper Bucks County near Point Pleasant (Here is the link to the county’s web page if you would like more information on the park.) The event will be held June 2‐4. We have the large group camping area & 1 pavilion reserved. There are also cabins on site that may be available if people want to rent them on their own. She is working on getting cooks for day board and feast. We are waiting on special use confirmation from the county parks director for the brewing workshop. Fees were also discussed.
  • Wrightstown: nothing to report, but a short discussion was had on whether to have a period or theme set up.
  • Shire Wars: nothing to report

Other Business

  • Ravenna asked all officers to send her their contact information, cell/email so that she has it available.
  • Next meeting is February 16 at the Churchville Nature Center, in the back classrooms at 7:30 pm. Tara has offered to bring the snacks


 Meeting Minutes January 2017

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