February 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 2/23/2017

Note: the Shire meeting was rescheduled from February 16 to the 23 due to lack of officer quorum.

New Business:

  • There is a new place and schedule for the shire fencing practice. The practice will be held at the Churchville Nature Center (same place as the meetings) at 7:30 pm in the large community room. We have use of the room on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month. The room is spoken for by another organization on the other Tuesdays. The use is covered under our current rental fee. There will no longer be fencing practice at Middletown due to costs. Other Tuesdays may be added during warmer months when the group can fence outside in the center’s overflow parking field. We will also be looking to other local fencing marshals to assist us for a while. Morwill must step away due to a family obligation.
  • It was suggested that we do an inventory of Shire property so that we know exactly what all the Shire owns and where it is kept.

Officer Reports

A&S Report:

  • There is a glass bead making class on Sunday, March 5 at 6pm at the nature center. Aurddeilen has gotten a good response from the shire and our neighbors. Looks like we will have good attendance for this class.
  • Some shire members are going to the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Philadelphia. Spaces are limited. Please refer to shire website or Facebook page for details.
  • Aurddeilen is looking to coordinate a trip to the Cloisters in New York in the spring to coincide with the gardens there being in bloom.


  • Winter newsletter is available
  • Jenevra has agreed to be our next officer spotlight


  • Website updates are coming along. Jenevra will be putting together directions for posting to the site for officers. Postings will automatically bounce to Facebook.


  • Nothing to report for Chatelaine

Mistress of the List:

  • No report.

Exchequer, Herald & Knight Marshal not present due to change in schedule

Event Reports:

Artisan’s Village

  • We are checking on additional parking for our group in an adjacent field at Tohickon since it is a summer weekend and the park will be busy. Waiting for confirmation from BC Parks.
  • 1 rustic cabin has been reserved for food storage and such.
  • Ivan and friends will be doing the food for the weekend. Dinner Saturday night will be more casual vs the usual feast.
  • Since this is a public park, it would be appreciated if more would be ready to assist in Chatelaine duties if the park patrons have questions about our group.
  • Ravenna has donated all of the tokens for the event (Thank You!)
  • All fires must be in a fire bowl.

Shire Wars

  • Aurddeilen presented the budget report from the last two shire wars (2015 & 2016). It was noted that 2015’s expense was a little higher due to it being an RP, but the attendance was also higher due to the same reason and the net was similar to 2016. The 2017 budget will be similar to last year’s.
  • Someone is still needed to do the feast for the event. Baron Mael Eoin has offered to do dayboard.
  • Volunteers are needed for feast.
  • Budget will need to be approved by other shires involved with the event. Aurddeilen and Ravenna will be attending their meetings to present and get approval of the budget.


  • We have decided to forgo snacks at the meeting. Bring something for yourself if you so choose.
  • We are looking to have Social Sundays during the year that will be pot luck and rotate around to different member’s homes or the center. Schedule to be determined.

The next Shire meeting is March 16 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.


Business Meeting Minutes February 2017 

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