March 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

The meeting opened with the Officer’s Reports as follows:

Seneschal:  Still awaiting word on the Shire becoming a Barony and letters of intent from Royals. Paperwork for Shire Wars was signed and a Certificate of Insurance is forthcoming. A certificate of insurance was received for Artisans Village and was passed on to the event autocrat.

Exchequer: the checkbook was received from the previous exchequer and checks were made out to cover previous fencing practices and the site fee for Artisan’s Village. A check was received for deposit from last year’s Shire Wars.

Herald: No news to report.

MoAS: the MOAS report has been sent in. There will be a silk painting class on 2 April, from 6-9 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.  Ray has one ticket available to the Cherry Blossom Festival Tea ceremony, cost is $35. If interested, talk to Ray.  A trip to the Cloisters in NY is in the works, more details to follow.

Knight Marshall: Neil received his official Marshall necklace. No other news to report.

Mistress of the Lists: No news to report.

Chatelaine:  Nothing new on the Chatelaine’s Web site.  Two additional youth fencing jackets have been found.  Excess Gold Key items will be for sale during Artisan’s Village in a “plague sale” to raise additional funds for the shire. Donations will be gladly accepted.

Web Mistress:  the 404 error message on the official web page has been corrected.  Tara has been added to the official page, and the email is available to all. All updates concerning Artisan’s Village, Wrightstown Ren Faire and Shire Wars will be posted to the page.

Fencing Marshall:  Fencing practice has been moved to the Churchville Nature Center and will be held on the  2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Update on Artisan’s Village:   The Brewer’s Guild will be holding a Brewer’s College that will include the making of beer and Mead. A license was obtained for said libations but please note that the park will be open to the public while we are there so please use discretion while imbibing on the fruits of the Guild’s labor. Mundane laws regarding age will apply.

Feast: Sir Ivan has graciously volunteered to head up an informal feast for Saturday night,  helped by none other than BIG Tiberious, Baron Mael Eoin and Katya Gordon, etc… Feast will consist of platters of flame grilled meats, with two sides for each meat, and fruit. More details to follow.

Dayboard: there will be a “rolling dayboard” to ensure max participation in classes. Details to follow.

Breakfast: Breakfast will be served to campers on Saturday and Sunday morning.  A list of breakfast foods will be provided.

Tara was mentioned to head the Bardic activities during feast etc… and a volunteer is still needed to fill in for Christine for her spot in the Village.

A cabin has been rented for shire use, and others are asked to bring other structures as available i.e. EZ Ups, etc…

A call has been put out for individuals who may have extra freezer space for food prep prior to the event. Please contact Christine for more information as needed.

Budgetarily, even with cabin rental the shire is under budget for site fees, and a budget of $1600 for feast was provided by Sir Ivan.

Token materials were donated by Cindy and Suellen, and will consist of a tiny hand that says “hand made” to honor the spirit of Artisan’s Village, along with a Stag’s head for those partaking of feast. There will be a “bead and feed” session at Mudthaw to finish the tokens.


Wrightstown Ren Faire: No available update

Shire Wars update: Ray received last year’s Shire War report from Duchess Diana. He also received the site fee contract from the Bay Shore Scout Camp.  The theme for Shire Wars will stay the same, “The Battle of Hastings”, and the site, The Bay Shore Scout Camp will stay the same, although the fee has risen by $200. The number of shires participating in Shire Wars is in flux due to reorganization , however a letter of intent will be sent to those participating Shires, and a donation of $400 to $600 will be asked of each.

A comparison of the previous 2 Shire Wars budgets  were handed out, as was a breakdown of this year’s proposed budget, and that budget will be sent to the other shires as well.

Baron Mael Eoin has graciously volunteered to do feast, and a budget is pending.

Tokens and programs will be made by volunteers from other shires.

Ray has rented a cabin on the grounds that will be used as needed.

Since there will be tournaments during Shire Wars, marshals will be needed. Matt Connors is the POC for Heavy Marshals, and Frank Hetherington is the POC for Fencing marshals. Ray has already taken care of the Thrown Weapons and Archery Marshals.


A list asking for Volunteers for various positions, people etc…. is forthcoming.


Shire Social: A date for the first Shire Social is pending. Details will be updated on the official web page and FB page.

Barring any unforeseen natural events, or any unnatural events, the next business meeting will take place on 20 April at 7:30 pm, at the Churchville Nature Center.


Minutes by Lady Ravenna, on behalf of Lady Sigridh.



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