Wrightstown Demo Cancelled for 2017

Good Day to all our shire members, friends, and neighbors,

We write to inform that we must step away this year from involvement with the Wrightstown Village Renaissance Faire.  We have been involved for over a decade.  The officers of Buckland Cross have voted it necessary, in this brief step away, to re-examine our relationship with the event and to properly resolve policy conflicts which newly exist between the Middletown Grange and the Society.
Please know that we are extremely grateful to all those who offered to volunteer this year.  Please also know that It is our sincere hope that these policy conflicts can be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned so that our participation in what has always been a wonderful event for us may resume next year.

The Faire itself will go on, and if you wish to support the Library (the beneficiary) and many vendors who are friends, please do visit as a patron!

Yours in Service,
Buckland Cross

The East Kingdom Calendar has been updated at: http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3225

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