September 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 9/14/17

Welcome to our visitors


  • Our petition has been submitted for change of status to barony. Polling will be sent soon by mail.  Be sure that your membership is up to date if you wish to vote.

Web Minister/Chatelaine

  • Minutes are up on the website
  • Officers please remember to check your emails
  • One new contact, Scott – Welcome to the meeting


  • Pre-registrations and other shire payments have come in for Shire Wars.
  • 1st & 2nd quarter reports have been adjusted per kingdom’s request
  • Variance on Artisan’s Village report taken care of


  • Morwill has been getting a steady 5 fencers at our practice and had 15 on Tuesday the 12th that were students from Cairn College.

Minister of the List

  • Kimberly is learning the process and assisted as MoL at River Wars


  • Nothing to report


  • Not present


  • If anyone has any class requests, let Aurddeilen know

Shire Wars

  • Event is set and we have a wide variety of activities – fencing, heavy, archery, thrown weapons, A&S, vendors, bardic, etc.
  • There is a cabin set aside for staff. Let Aurddeilen know ASAP if you intend to take a space in the cabin
  • We have several merchants coming
  • There is a map of the site up on the Shire Wars website

King & Queen’s Rapier

  • Volunteers will be needed for set up, clean up, runners, troll, etc
  • There will be court and we should expect it to run about 1 ½ hours
  • May need someone to run dayboard

The next Shire meeting is one week early due to Shire Wars.  We will meet on October 12 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.


  September 2017 Business Meeting

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