Baronial Status Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting for “Barony” pollings 9/26/17


General Business Items –

*Discussed coronation gift for Their Highnesses

*There is now a Shire Wars charter that will be presented to Their Majesties but must first be approved

By the shires.  There is also going to be some sort of schtick for feast



  • Kingdom is going to try and do both the polling for approval in change of status to barony and the polling for Baron & Baroness to the populous of Buckland Cross together to expedite the process
  • Once we are a barony we will need to come up with awards and their accompanying heraldry.  So please begin to give some thought to that.
  • Bhakail was kind enough to share their bylaws for us to look at as an example


  • The group discussed Terms and qualifications for the Coronet


      • 3 and 4 year starting term with a Kingdom set maximum of 6 years was discussed.  The group settled on a 3 year first term with the Coronet being allowed to extend by 1 to 3 year increments until the maximum of 6 years is reached.
      • It was agreed that the Coronet would also have the same requirements as officers:  Shire officers are required to be SCA members and must be active in Shire activities (Baronial activities) for 1 year before seeking office (coronet)


    • The group agreed to take voice nominations for the first Baron and/or Baroness as well as posting on our website and Facebook that candidates may submit their name or be nominated via email for one week after our meeting 9/26/17-10/4/17


    • Those members nominated by voice at the meeting are: Ray & Kirsten Becker, Gail Russo, Matt & Christine Connors


Meeting was adjourned

Special Baronial Meeting September 26 2017

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