November 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 11/16/17


  • There will be a curia at Yule that seneschals are asked to attend. Ray mentioned a subject he felt needs to be brought up. As a former seneschal he feels there needs to be more clarification between the requirements/duties of Kingdom officers and local officers and that is not well defined in kingdom law. Christine suggested that the information be sent to Katherine Barr beforehand.


  • A block carving and printing class has been requested and is a possibility in January for the 1st Sunday A&S. There will be no 1st Sunday in December due to an event that day at the nature center and the fact that the holiday season is very busy for everyone.


  • Archery is done until spring. We received some target butts for thrown weapons and that will be added next year. We are looking into a closer site for archery next year at a property overseen by CNC.


  • October minutes are now available on the website


  • Kimberly got to spend more time learning from Baroness Judith at Shire Wars during the marshaled events.


  • Reports for Shire Wars have been submitted and checks will be written to the other shires to return their seed monies and to give them their share of the profits.
  • Frank was able to get signed up and logged into our online banking.

Knight Marshall

  • No one has been showing up for Wednesday evening heavy fighter practice. Matt feels it is due to other, more well established practices in the area, but will give it a little while longer before cancelling them entirely.


  • Will bring gold key for rapier after realizing we should have had it for Shire Wars. The group discussed making some “one size fits most” T tunics, belts and hoods to have available for more size flexibility. Most of what we have is Italian Ren and not as flexible size‐wise.

Web Minister

  • Kingdom has begun migrating emails to Google for non‐profits. Since Christine is involved with Kingdom web ministry, the shire was offered up as a test group for the early migration. This shift to Google will improve spam prevention. Emails for google will be our membership Officer emails will be directed to that email, so that will work much smoother than the current system.


  • Tara has talked with 3 people to assist them with name submissions

Barony Progress

  • Polling went out and we must now wait until the 1st of December for results. If the results are positive they go to Their Majesties and the BOD for approval.

Shire Wars

  • 130 people attended and there was a profit made to split between the participating shires. Everything went well. The scout camp used is getting very popular with another group that uses it regularly, but we were told the SCA would be given 1st choice when scheduling our date for next year.

King & Queen’s Rapier

  • Everything is pretty much set with K&Q rapier.
  • We do not have portable stairs for the front of the stage and people will need to use side access hall & steps to get up there.
  • Cynthia will work on tokens next week.
  • Volunteers are needed for set up, troll, clean up and perhaps some floaters during the day.
  • It was discussed how long to keep troll open and all felt that 2pm was a good time to end troll.
  • Some other small logistics were discussed but all is moving along.


  • The idea of a holiday party was discussed. We’ll combine a holiday covered dish with our next meeting.

The next Shire meeting is Thursday, December 21 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.

  November 2017 BC Business Meeting

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