December 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 12/21/17 Seneschal

  •   No report on polling MoAS
  •   A block carving and printing class has been requested as well as a felting class and Illumination. Felting MoL
  •   Kimberly got to spend more time learning from Baroness Judith at Shire Wars during the marshalled events


 We have on new person interested. Need to make a variety of loaner garb/sizes

Web Minister

  •   Christine renewed her warrant and is good for two years. Emails have all been migrated to the new Google site.


  •   Kimberly got to do more learning at K&Q Rapier and helped with the round robin but not scoring


 No Report

King’s & Queen’s Rapier

  •   Everything went very smoothly and very positive feedback from fencers as well as from the community college.
  •   200 in attendance. Compliments from attendees on the speed of registration/gate
  •   Total Income was $2876.51, Expenses $1128.19, net $1748.32 which is split with kingdom since this was a

    kingdom event so our final net is $874.16 Wrightstown

 The Grange is still requiring insurance. It was decided to send the information on to kingdom from the grange and get their input before making a decision

Artisan’s Village

 It was decided to do Artisan’s Village again this year and the dates will be June 1‐3 up at Tohickon Valley Park in Point Pleasant again

The meeting was adjourned for some Holiday fun

The next Shire meeting is Thursday, January 18 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center

  December 2017


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