January 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 1/18/18
 The passing of Duke Kenric was noted and a moment of silence was observed
 The Barony Polling results are in with a positive vote for barony by our populace and Ray & Kirsten as
Baron/Baroness. This was approved by Kingdom and Their Majesties. It now goes to the BOD at their
January meeting for approval.
 Officers have been instructed to use their official EK email for sending all reports
 December minutes should be posted soon
 Will do winter newsletter shortly
Knight Marshall
 Heavy fighter practice will be held again at the Nature Center on Wednesday
 There will be no February 1 st Sunday A&S due to the Super Bowl, although Ray will probably be going to
the Viking Garb Workshop in Lehighton and suggested a group outing up there if anyone else was
interested in going
 Block Printing will be the A&S topic on March 4 th and Calligraphy in April, but the date will need to be
decided since the 1 st Sunday is Easter and the 2 nd Sunday is the Rock & Mineral Expo at the nature center
Chatelaine/Web Minister
 2017 Reports Sent. Suellen’s son Steven will be stepping up as Christine’s deputy
 No report
Exchequer/Fencing Marshall
 Year-end balance is $3878.46 which is up substantially from last year. Frank pointed out that we need to
do more than break even or make a little on any upcoming events since we will have more expenses as a
 We are now averaging 6 fencers at every practice
Artisan’s Village
 Christine sent an email to Erin at the County Parks office requesting the site at Tohickon Valley Park again
this year on the 1 st weekend in June. She is awaiting a response on that as well as questions on the
availability of a large tent, handicapped porta john and alcohol permit.
 The request from the Grange to have them, the library and the township put on our insurance for
Wrightstown Demo was sent to the Kingdom Seneschal for input earlier in the week
 A “to do” list was discussed pending BOD approval which included: New banners, tabards, awards,
coronets, favors & largesse. A google doc was discussed that we can list other “buck/deer” themed
awards that are already used by other Kingdoms/baronies and where we can brainstorm a list for our own
The next Shire meeting has been moved to one week later to Thursday, February 22 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville
Nature Center due to our Seneschal being on vacation.

  January 2018

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