August 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting Minutes 8/16/18


  • In light of the situation going on with the King of Trimaris, Ravenna wanted to make sure everyone knows, no matter your private beliefs, Buckland Cross is a safe and inclusive space for everyone and re‐iterated the SCA no harassment statement.
  • Need to review by‐Laws and make some changes and make sure Baronial procedures are in there.
  • Tara has a lot on her plate and we need to see if we can find a book and or voice herald to help. Talk to Ravenna if you are interested.


  • 1 check outstanding
  • Balance as of July 31st is $3213.46


  • Fencing will resume in September

Knight Marshal

  • Heavy fighting will resume in September
  • A social/A&S night get together at both rapier and heavy practice was discussed and that those who are interested in hanging out and socializing or doing A&S projects during the fight practices are welcome to come by. This is a good chance for new folks to meet other members and also to “cross‐pollinate” with folks from other groups who are coming to our practices
  • MoAS
  • Matt printed out a template for putting under the silk banners that need to be painted …Thanks Matt!
  • A large batch of favors were printed with Spoon Flower and Suellen is sewing the borders …Thanks Suellen!
  • Examples of the Baronial T Shirts were passed around. We will not be ordering a big batch like last time since we can print as many or as few as we want with VistaPrint. Populace is welcome to order them.
  • Payment will be upfront. Ray will have an order form up shortly.
  • All upcoming A&S get‐togethers/classes will focus on making the silk banners for Investiture


  • Archery is going well at the new site and we are getting folks from other local groups joining us
  • Ray is looking to add thrown weapons soon

Chatelaine/Web Minister

  • Christine has been in contact with a new person
  • Gold Key will be at Artisan’s Village

Artisan’s Village

  • Need to get new alcohol permit notarized
  • If weather cooperates Suellen will have the plague sale at the event


  • Jazz was able to speak with Elspeth about a private Facebook auction to benefit the group and she has offered to help run it for us
  • We have a possible feast‐o‐crat
  • Ray is getting the tokens made and they will be coins with our populous badges

Al Hafla

  • Jaz and Christiane are looking to do an Al Hafla (fun day of dancing & food) this winter
  • Looking into sites


  • No update

The next barony meeting will be Thursday, September 20 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.

August 2018

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