July 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Shire Meeting Minutes 7/19/18


  • $568 check out to Owlsherst for our portion of Shire Wars
  • Shire Wars will be an RP this year and a request has been made for the following volunteers: Royal liason,field hall coordinator & grounds keeper. Pre‐registration is needed if you want cabin space
  • New insurance certificate was needed for new Artisan’s Village Date

  • No 2nd practice for July or practice in August due to Pennsic. Will resume in September

Knight Marshal

  • Several new people have been coming to heavy practice. No practice until September due to Pennsic

Chatelaine/Web Minister

  • Fencing information on our web page was fixed
  • Every group must now have a social media officer and Facebook pages must be “unofficial” or closed to the general public


  • Need to make banners
  • Trying out a new company that prints on fabric to mass make favors and make some banners
  • Potential demo at Christ Home (site of investiture) on August 25
  • 2 potential field trips. 1 to a Viking exhibit at Mystic Museum and another Viking exhibit in Philly
  • Archery is going well at the new site
  • Samples of new barony t‐shirts and tote bags are being made. Will bring to next meeting

Artisan’s Village

  • Moved to Labor Day weekend and there is a local Viking re‐enactment group that will be joining us
  • Possible brewing competition Investiture
  • The event will be held at Christ Home in Warminster in their new rec center
  • This will be an “all hands on deck” event
  • Need volunteers for the following: troll, feast (Christiane is looking into cooks)
  • Looking into tokens
  • We will do feast and cap it at 80.
  • We would like to get paypal for pre‐reg


  • Committee met to discuss awards. Service being the 1st one we need to get in place. The award “The Order of the Cervus” with a kneeling deer as the design was recommended by the committee

The next barony meeting will be Thursday, August 16 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.

July 2018

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