A&S Photographer at Pennsic

Hello there, Eastern artists!
Want to get better images of your work for your documentation or your blog? If you’re headed to Pennsic next month, John Peynter will be offering to photograph A&S projects. He has provided this service before, and the images are amazing, some of which can be found on his website.

He has 3 sessions listed through Pennsic University:

  • Saturday 8/3 (noon-3pm in A&S 15)
  • Sunday 8/4 (9am-noon in the Great Hall)
  • Thursday 8/8 (9am-noon in the Great Hall)

Letting him know you’re interested is key; this will allow him to have the best tools and props on hand to photograph your art. You can do this by filling out a quick Google form.

The photographer grants the artisans he works with a perpetual, nonexclusive, noncommercial right to use his images of their work. However, if you wish to derive profit from the images in any way (advertising pieces or services for sale/hire, etc), you would need to discuss commercial licensing rates with him. But for education, documentation, admiration, showing Grandma?

He says:

“Enjoy with my compliments, and photo credits are welcomed.”

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