Teaching in the SCA

Recently, the East Kingdoms’ MoAS learned that several individuals were being told that one must have an A&S award to teach; that only laurels could teach; or that only individuals under the supervision of a laurel could teach.

This announcement is to reaffirm, to everyone, that this is *absolutely* not true. Anyone can and is welcome to teach if they so desire. It’s a service to spread knowledge of the Arts & Sciences in our community and to help others grow and learn.

If you wish to teach but are not comfortable doing so, the MoAS office can help! Please reach out to Lady Mariette de Bretagne, our Education Deputy at moas.education@eastkingdom.org. She has experience teaching in both SCA and “real world” settings and is happy to provide advice. Eventually, she hopes to have some resources available to provide more guidance to new teachers.

Finally, a few years ago, Master Philip wrote up a more complete Q&A on teaching that I am going to link here, as it contains some more detail, and has a lot of good information. https://moas.eastkingdom.org/cms/?p=370.

Thanks for your time.

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