A&S Class: River Wars

The EK MoAS office will be offering a class at River Wars in Iron Bog on October 19th.

Consent in A&S: Giving and Taking Helpful Feedback
Time: 3:00-4:00, Location: A&S Pavilion

In an ideal Society, artisans create work for the joy that it brings them, and Laurels give feedback to fulfill the mission of their peerage to help encourage and teach others. However, if feedback is not given or received properly, hurt feelings can (and do!) occur. Artisans can be discouraged from pursuing their ideas, with Laurels being branded as being mean and unhelpful. Both of these outcomes are hurtful to the fabric of our Society. So let’s examine the issue, and figure out if we can help change the culture of how feedback is given and received in the SCA so that everyone can work together to create a better and more supportive Arts and Sciences community.

Instructor: Mistress Lissa Underhill

Questions? Want to schedule an EK MoAS sponsored class at your event?

E-mail Lady Mariette de Bretagne for more information at: moas.education@eastkingdom.

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