Crown A&S and Scholars Exhibition Reminders

This is a reminder that registration for both events are open. Please note, however, that the Crown A&S Registration ENDS February 2nd. This is to allow for enough time to find and work with the judges prior to the event.



Crown’s A&S Champions (Feb 29th, Dragonship Haven)

–Registration for Display Only is available, and there will be space for a Youth A&S Display

Additionally, with Crown’s A&S Champions approaching, many people’s thoughts are turning to the idea of A&S competition.
(pst. remember to register if you wish to enter!)

As a result, I would like to share a blog post, written by THL Amalie von Hohensee, which talks about how to assess if competitions are for you, and how best to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for them.

Amalie is a lovely and talented up and coming artisan, who felt strongly about this topic, and asked if she could share her thoughts. I appreciate that she took the time to write this post, and hope everyone finds it valuable.



Artisans and Scholars Exhibition (April 18th, Carolingia)

–Register for Display, or to complete one of our Laurel’s Challenges.


Please e-mail if you have any questions about these events, wish assistance planning your Crowns A&S entry, or if there is a topic you wish to see discussed or information you wish to share.

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