The future of online A&S Classes

The MoAS office has been hosting online classes for about three months now.

While this started as an emergency measure to help maintain SCA connections during the start of physical distancing, many people have suggested to us that continuing with these classes long term would be desirable, especially since the kingdom now has a YouTube Channel that can host content.

As a result, we have worked to develop a written plan for how our office will schedule, monitor and assist with online classes on a continuing basis.

You can find that information at the link below.

Basically, we are going to (have already started) offering fewer classes per week, to reduce the strain on our office deputies and volunteers, but, as long as we have people willing to teach, we intend to keep scheduling online classes, even after physical distancing ends.

As a reminder, anyone can teach in the SCA! Our organization’s success depends on people’s willingness to learn and then share their knowledge as teachers. You are not required to have been in the SCA for a certain amount of time, nor must you have certain awards or prior experience. You just need to have a willingness to share what you know.

If you have questions about how to adapt a class to teach it in an online setting, please contact the MoAS education deputy, THL Mariette de Bretagne for advice. Heather Katzoff, for advice. She is also working to develop resources to help instructors who are new to teaching.

If there is a class you are interested in seeing taught online, please e-mail, and we can keep a list of requested classes going on our website.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to teach an online class, to those who have attended or watched these classes, and to those members of the populace that will participate in these activities when they are more able to in the future.

-Lissa Underhill (Kingdom MoAS)
-Mariette de Bretagne (MoAS education deputy)

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