Business Meeting Minutes, July & August 2021


Officers in person were the Seneschal, Baron, Baroness, Exchequer, Chatelaine, Deputy Exchequer, MoAS, and MoL. Officers online were Web Minister, Herald, Deputy Herald, Marshal, and Chronicler/Deputy Seneschal. Two visitors were also in attendance, one from Settmour Swamp.

Seneschal introduced some items from the last meeting (storage unit, mentor for Herald). Herald wants to wait another month before approaching Kingdom again for assistance with mentoring. Might approach some people in neighboring baronies.

Deputy Exchequer was confirmed, Exchequer will start training.

Exchequer says storage unit is too expensive. She is moving Barony items to her own trailer as work in her basement is being done. Seneschal suggests looking for a trailer for the Barony, figuring out many square feet is needed. Gold Key items will need to be moved out of MoL’s basement, and MoAS has “plague sale” stuff. Seneschal suggests a full audit of all items be done in the fall. The list should be kept in Google Docs, and Seneschal suggests making certain of what insurance coverage the Barony has. May follow the example of other Baronies and make a “Chamberlain’s List.” Settmour Swamp’s Chamberlain can be consulted.


MoL Report: MoL is volunteering at East Kingdom Crown Tournament.

Baron and Baroness: Nothing new to report.

Exchequer: Nothing new to report. Barony is still solvent.

Chamberlain/Fencing Marshal: Fencing has resumed second and third Tuesday. Social is held alongside.

MoAS: Nothing new to report. Wants to get together with the Baroness to schedule informal A&S-only get-togethers, and also perhaps an antique clothing information session.

Chronicler: Nothing new to report

Marshal: Nothing new to report, area practices are in Philadelphia, Nutley, and Carillion.

Web Minister: Has made quarterly reports and has kept website up to date. Nothing new to report.

Seneschal: Has submitted her report at the beginning of July.


Champion’s Event: EK Calendar has preliminary event announcement from Deputy Seneschal.

Seneschal and Deputy Seneschal will meet to hash out details and determine when to order the insurance certificate. Needs format for Rapier Championship and Heavy Fighting. Rapier Marshal/Champion will have format by July 20th. Baron is contacting Sir Tiberius. Herald has gotten scribe from Barony of Bhakail who did the last awards scrolls to do the new ones.

A&S Championship/Al-Hafla: Al-Hafla may be hosting the Championship, and therefore we will need a larger site for Al-Hafla. Baron has new suggested format for A&S Champions, along the lines of the Laurel’s Challenge. Choice is up to the Baron and Baroness, so new format takes some of the stress out of the competition. Could also have Baron and Baroness’ Choice and Populace Choice.

Bylaws: No new updates or changes from Kingdom, so Seneschal believes they are good to go. Web Minister will post them on the site.

Food for Future Events: Because of Kingdom regulations, food can only be single-serve, pre-wrapped portions handed out by gloved staff. Only bottled water will be available at Barony Rapier and Rattan Championships.

Event Announcements: All event announcements will have to be submitted to Pikestaff.

Southern Region Demo Team: Exchequer has floated idea of having “demo team” composed of members of the regional groups, and other groups have received the concept well. Idea is to generate support across boundaries. Perhaps have a skillset list of people to recommend for library readings, etc. Perhaps putting in a curated installation at Bucks County Community College or Visitors’ Center. Or putting together a “demo box” to bring to events.

Asking About Preferred Pronouns/Titles, Using Name Tags: Seneschal wants to have people start volunteering their preferred pronouns and titles at meetings in introductions, and may produce name tags for people to use, including pronunciation. To promote inclusivity and tolerance.

Archery Practice: Baron was unsure when practice would restart.

Invitation was made from Barony of Settmour Swamp for their Baronial Champions on July 31.

With no more new business, the meeting was adjourned by the Seneschal. Next meeting is August 19 at 7:30 PM.


Meeting was held online because of COVID concerns as cases are rising. In attendance were the Baron and Baroness, Seneschal, Deputy Seneschakl/Chronicler, Exchequer, Web Minister, Knight Marshal, Chatelaine, Mistress of Arts and Sciences, Mistress of the Lists, and Herald.


Baron and Baroness’ Report: Baron is writing a letter of recommendation for Hartshorn-dale to become a Barony. They are not attending East Kingdom Coronation.

Herald: Has heard back from Blue Tyger, Mistress Alys Mackintoich has recommended that our Herald and Deputy Herald will be mentored by Dame Lillia.

Chronicler: Will be submitting July and August meeting notes at the same time.

MoAS: With Delta picking up, A&S nights have been postponed.

Web Minister: Nothing new to report.

Exchequer’s Report: 6143.55 in the bank. Tyler Park site cost for Baronial Champions event will be $104.50.

Rapier Marshal: Practices are light because of COVID concerns, but people are attending them.

Knight Marshal: Will be attending Bhakail fighter practice. Officers’ medallion project proceeding.

Mistress of the Lists: Nothing new to report.

Chatelaine: Nothing new to report.

Seneschal’s Report: Kingdom Seneschal has posted latest COVID guidelines, which is in line with what Barony has been considering. Bhakail Commons, you will have to bring your own food. Quest is Labor Day Weekend, other September events are Hunter’s Moon and Harper’s Retreat, and three demos on the same day in September, with closest being Lakewood Renaissance Faire (others are Harrisburg Comic-Con and Sparta Renaissance Faire – Sparta is actually two weekends).


Champion’s Event: Site has been secured by Deputy Seneschal. Park manager at Tyler Park is familiar with the SCA. We are working on the insurance. Rapier Champion and Heavy Weapons Champions have decided on their formats and event listing will be updated and information sent to the MoL to prepare. Consensus is that people should bring their own food since it’s not a camping event. We will provide cases of water. Event will be free, but according to Kingdom recommendations.  even with no pre-reg required there will have to be contact tracing for sign-in. Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask. Pavilions can be brought. Picnic tables can be moved for space.

Prices for Trailer for Storage: No further research has been done, but the Exchequer’s understanding is we will look at it in the future. Believes something that can hold all the Baronial gear would cost $3,000-plus. Exchequer can hold all the Baronial gear for now. Seneschal has suggested that we start doing fundraisers.

Hartshorn-Dale Recommendation for Barony: Baron is still in the process of writing that up.

Concordia Fundraising After Fire: Suggestions were made to help replenish their Gold Key, with T-tunics and other garb. The complete list of what is needed will be shared by the Seneschal and discussed.

(Our own Gold Key could use some work, according to the MoL, who currently is keeping the Gold Key as Deputy Chatelaine – men’s items and women’s larger sizes are needed.)

New Business

Upcoming events:
The Baron will be helping out with archery at Shire Wars in October. 100 Minutes War and East Kingdom Crown Tournament are in November.

There are still outstanding details on Shire Wars, with another online discussion meeting for Aug. 20. There will be rattan and rapier as well as archery. Bardic and A&S are tentative.

With no more new business, the meeting was adjourned by the Seneschal.

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