A&S Championship Preliminary

Due to struggles securing a site that meets requirements, attendance numbers, and other such things. The dates for this event are as of yet still undetermined, however, what follows are the general plans so far for the A&S Championship prelims.

The current plans are to hold A&S champs in a hybrid format, with preliminary judging done online similar to last year the week before the event and finals in-person at an event during February-April (with options if finalists cannot attend). There will be an online display option open to everyone, and if the site allows it we hope to have space for some in-person display as well. This format allows entrants to participate who cannot travel long-distances or attend in-person due to Covid, gives more time for judges to speak to entrants and discuss with each other, and allows the entire kingdom to view the projects our entrants create. Like last year, food/drink entries are welcome, please reach out to the East Kingdom MOAS with any questions.

If you are interested in participating please plan as if the date is in early February – it will be announced as soon as a site and date have been determined, but there is a possibility of a short turn-around. The MOAS website will be updated as more information becomes available and another announcement will be posted when they have an event.

They understand that this is not the format some folks would prefer, but are heavily limited by site options as the event must be indoors to protect the items and has a large number of participants between judges/staff and entrants/displayers. Although, they hope to return to in-person next year, and are are always happy to arrange for virtual or in-person feedback through their A&S consultations at any time, just email moas@eastkingdom.org to request a consultation.

They greatly appreciate your understanding and are so very excited to see what projects are displayed this year, and hope to share more information soon. Please send any questions by email to moas@eastkingdom.org.

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