November 2022 Ballot for Baronial Offices

The following gentles are standing for the offices noted and voting will occur at our November Business Meeting in accordance with our by-laws. Offices will change hands in December at the close of the Business Meeting and new officers will be ready to serve in January.

We will need to continue discussing the offices with no nominations.

We also seek Deputies for all of our offices as some of our Deputies step up to new responsibilities. This is a great way for new folks to get involved. Serving as a deputy allows you to learn about the office, the Barony, and new areas of interest for you while supporting the group. It is also a great way to make connections with folks in other parts of the Kingdom.


  • Adelisa Salernitana ( Christiane Truelove


  • Andruta Jezofyna ( Adrienne Ruth


  • Cailleach Dhé ingen Chiaráin ( Karyn Driscoll
  • Muireadhach_Ó_Cuileannáin ( Bill Clarkson


  • Cailleach Dhé ingen Chiaráin ( Karyn Driscoll

Knight Marshal

Still seeking candidates for this office. There is no requirement in law or policy that that requires the holder of the office to be a member of the Chivalry or an authorized Marshal in any particular martial discipline. “The [Baronial] Marshal acts as an advisor in all matters pertaining to martial activities within the [Barony] to the [Coronet] and subjects of the [Barony]. They also ensure that the Rules of the Lists are followed, oversee all fighting in the Crown Lists, set/enforce Weapon and Armor Standards and supervise the authorization of fighters [by the appropriately warranted staff].”


  • Zipora Dubois Janice Fishman

As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Yours in Service to Kingdom and Coronet,

Baroness Jenevra de Carvalhal, OL Seneschal, Barony of Buckland Cross

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