January 2024 Business Meeting Notes

Officers Reports
Baron & Baroness –
 12th Night investiture. 252 participants. Lots of good things have been said about this
 Jaz recommended moving the meetings to 7pm, which as agreed to by the group.
Jaz also brought up the following action items…
 The website will need to be changed to bounce to new officers.
 A retainer coordinator has been requested.
 Baron Wiki page will need updating.
 A&S classes are needed, and all events should get on a calendar.
 Suggested an artisan’s village again.

 2023 is balanced.
 Ursula is working on geƫting warranted as well as deputy.
 Names need to be updated on the account.

Web Minister
 Updates will be worked on this week.
 Report submitted.

 Andruta is meeting with Rowan on how to run a court and do the court report for 12th

 Nothing to report

 Nothing to report

Knight Marshal/Fencing practice
 Last Tuesday’s fencing cancelled due to weather, otherwise the regular practices are well

 Need to get warranted

 Nothing to report

Financial Committee
 Will meet on January 30th (date changed to February 5th)

New Business
 The site for 12th Night approved of the conditions the site after the event and the
deposit will be returned.
 There will be a Ren Fair in Doylestown at some point but the details are not yet public.
 A discussion was had on the group’s thoughts on the Kingdom’s request for a variance to
make spring crown tourney a rapier tourney. The general consensus is that this is a good
thing for the EK and SCA.

Action Items
 Dates for the East Kingdom College of Performers (and also our baronial bardic champ if
that is agreeable to the EKCP).

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