March 2024 Business Meeting Notes

Officers Reports
Baron & Baroness –
 Nothing to report
Web Minister
 Minutes Posted
 Assisting Brittany with a name
 Created a spreadsheet showing what awards BC members have
 Nothing to report
 12th night deposit was returned
 Shire wards check is finally on the way
Chatelaine/Knight Marshal/Fencing Marshal
 Fencing is going well
 No new member contacts
 Looking for people to teach classes
 Needs content for newsletter
 Minutes sent for posting
 Nothing to report
Old Business
 Adrien will order fabric for new shield wall for EK Royal wall at Pennsic
East Kingdom College of Performers Event
 Site is set
 Certificate of insurance has arrived and been given to the county.
 Violet is doing dayboard
 Our bardic champions competition is set
New Business
 Potential principality of the southern region is being discussed again. It was suggested that we may want to have a discussion amongst ourselves at some point
 Commentary is still being taken on the new peerage as well as Lochac’s survey on alternate crown.
 It was suggested to hold another plague sale – perhaps the end of June or July on a Sunday
 His Excellency will be ransoming the Bhakail champions cloak that was left at investiture at Walking of the Salamander
 Adelisa wants to do a monthly bardic to learn music

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