Hearty greetings and good-will!

The Barony of Buckland Cross is located in the Southern Region of the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA). In modern geographic terms we represent Bucks County in Pennsylvania. You may use your zip code (spreadsheet download) to discover if you might be a citizen of our Shire, or perhaps one of our good neighbors.

What do we do?

We have many activities in our fair Barony: fencing and archery; weaving, embroidery and sewing; book arts; leatherworking; armoring; glass bead making and so much more! We also hold frequent camping events in the Wrightstown region.

When do we meet?

Our business meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, barring conflicts with major events. Tuesday evenings hold fencing, Saturday afternoons during good weather frequently finds many of us at archery practice. The Arts & Sciences are scattered about to allow for greater participation, and socializing – well we do that often! All of our events can be found on our Facebook Page. We typically meet at the Churchville Nature Center. You may also wish to explore events in other parts of the East Kingdom.

Who can I contact about getting involved?

Email our Chatelaine, who will be pleased to assist you! It is the role of this officer to welcome newcomers and help them get started on their path in these modern middle ages.

If your question is of more a business nature, please email our Seneschal. This officer is the president of the local group and can assist with, or provide the best contact for, all questions.