THL Adelisa Salernitana (she/her) serves as the Barony’s Chronicler. She is also a fine musician and dancer and a most excellent chef.

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Business Meeting Minutes, January 2020

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16 Jan 2020

From the Seneschal

Membership in Buckland Cross has dropped. Primary focus will be membership. Discussions included demos, venues, advertising, and budget.

Bylaws need to be revised and finalized. A committee will be formed, bylaws rewritten and voted on for approval by the end of February.

Gear is sorted and shelved, but not catalogued. Cooking items are still needed, as is a membership to Restaurant Depot.

Currently there are six pre-regs. Recipes and menus are under consideration. The menu will be finalized by the end of Jan. Prizes are needed for the poetry and wiggle contests.

The Barony needs to be more cognizant of budgeting, in all areas. Discussion included looking into other venues, and having set budgets for advertising, demos etc…

Events Discussion ensued whether Artisans Village would continue, and if so, when and in what format. A decision will be made at the February business meeting. Baronial Commons was also discussed, to possibly be held at Core Creek Park, with a potluck dayboard. Time of event tbd.

Officer Reports

4th quarter report is not done yet. The format will be changing to Quickbooks, and the program will need to be purchased . A subscription for Tech Soup was suggested.

Numbers are down due to college . Practices are held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

A + S
Jaqueline held a successful Kumi Himo class, and a second class is pending. Suellen is currently working on putting on a tapestry class, date tbd. The suggestion was made to work with the Nature Center on ways to open up classes to the public.

Web minister
Plugins were updated and links corrected. There is a new EK website and also a new SCA website. Quarterly report filed. Discussion took place concerning officers photos (in garb) for updating the Buckland Web page.

Christiane Truelove was voted in as Chronicler, and upon completion of the paperwork, will become the third signatory on the bank account.

The next meeting will be held on 20 Feb 2020.

May 2019 Business Meeting

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Meeting minutes for 16 May 2019

– Shire Wars has been cancelled for this year and Coronation will takes its place, to be held on 4 Oct, in one of the westernmost shires, possibly Harrisburg. The 5 Shires will share cost and manpower.

– Wiki Potluck will be held on 16 June at Suellen’s house in Hopewell NJ.

— Ray passed around images for baronial award badges. They were voted on and approved by all present.

-Bhakal Commons will be held on 23 June at Ridley Park. This will be the last court of Baron Rowen Cloteworthy.

– Gold Key session will take place on Sun, from 10-1 at the Churchville Nature Center.

– Suggestions for Demo sites yielded Doylestown, Buckingham Township, Bucks County Community College, National Nite Out and Southampton Days

– The Royals are looking for A&S Championship bids, and suggestions for a Queen’s Favor A&S workshop were made.

Exchequer / Fencing Marshall
-The Barony’s available balance is available from the Exchequer. Cynthia Marco will be staying on the account as third signatory.
–Fencing practice continues, with the 3rd Tuesday’s practice being the biggest.

Knight Marshall
-Suggested having Baronial champions tournament at Shire Wars. Not a lot of feedback on Heavy practice. Talks ongoing to merge with Bhakail.


-Working on brackets for tournament to be held at Artisans Village.

-She is learning how to blazons, has joined the Baby Herald’s FB page and the baronial badges will be her main priority. Trent is the Deputy book herald.

Artisans Village
– Bill will do the write-up for Artisans Village heavy weapons tournament. Baron Corcoran will be running it, in Stagger format. Gate and dayboard/feast volunteers are needed, as are popups and chairs, folks to haul stuff. Ray will be onsite early. Janice volunteered to do tokens.

– Archery targets and stand are being made by Ray. Archery and thrown weapons practice will alternate, with practice days being Wedsnesdays and Sundays.

– Discussed starting online pre-regs for events once the date of the event has been verified.

– Discussed the need for a Chamberlain and the necessity for an inventory of baronial assets.

The next meeting will take place on 20 June at the Churchville Nature Center.

In service,
Lady Ravenna, Chronicler

Business Meeting, March 2019

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Baronial Meeting Minutes 3/21/19

  • Seneschal Announcements
    • Troll for events should have a copy of the “black list” of those not permitted to attend SCA events per kingdom/corporate
    • Please communicate if you know of any awards that are to given
  • Chatelaine
    • No new contacts
  • Exchequer
    • Made small profit on Al Hafla
    • *Checks to be written for Non-member service fee & dayboard
  • Herald
    • Jazz needs help with a submission
  • Knight Marshall
    • Southern Region marshal is starting paperwork for marshal
  • Chronicler
    • Talked to kingdom Chronicler about corrections to information in Pike Staff
  • MoL
    • Will be at Mudthaw to learn more about the process
  • Web
    • Updating Pages
    • Any Officer is welcome to post to the website
  • Al Hafla
    • Positive feedback
    • Baron Derr left the big trays in our possession on “permanent loan”
    • Need to have separate event steward and feast steward
    • Need to be sure to print out sign in sheets
    • Get seed $ the week before instead of week of
  • Artisan’s Village
    • May 31 – June 2 at Tohickon Valley Park
    • Budgeting $200 for dayboard and $200 for feast. May do Potluck for feast
    • Baronial Heavy & Fencing championships will happen at AV


Need Cloaks for Champions

CNC’s volunteer photographer has offered to take pictures of people in their garb. If anyone is interested we can work on setting up a date with her.

Next meeting is 4/18/19 Changed to 4/25 due to holiday commitments from several officers

Business Meeting, February 2019

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Baronial Meeting Minutes 2/21/19

Officer slate presented and approved

  • Seneschal Announcements
    • Montvale will be running 2019 Shire Wars
    • Retainers are needed for upcoming spring events
    • Volunteers are needed for the House Runnymead dinner at Pennsic (House for sitting landed barons/baronesses) – volunteers will be fed
  • Exchequer
    • Reports submitted & Approved
    • Balance is positive, plus deposit coming back from Christ Home
  • Deputy Chatelaine
    • Adrienne will be making bags for gold key that will hold complete outfits and marked as Buckland Cross.
    • Would like to have a sorting party
  • Chatelaine
    • Looking at county event sites for possible demos
  • Al Hafla
    • Site is booked
    • Need help with troll
    • Electric candles/lamps only
    • Site opens at 10am
  • Artisan’s Village
    • Need Co‐Autocrat. Will come back with that at next meeting
  • Awards
    • Need a meeting. Might be virtual on Monday 11th, 8pm on Google Hangout/Google Meet

Next meeting is 3/21/19

Business Meeting, January 2019

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Baronial Meeting Minutes 1/17/19

  • MoAS
    • Will Continue Banner Workshops in warmer weather since the Becker garage is not heated
  • Chatelaine
    • No new contacts & Adrien now has Gold Key
  • Web
    • Need to get Baronial Emails set up
  • Fencing
    • 17 participants at Fencing practice
  • Exchequer
    • Positive Bank Balance
    • *Still have checks that need to be written from investiture for Dayboard $502.28 & Non‐Member fee to kingdom $15
    • *$500 deposit from children’s home returned
  • Herald
    • No new submissions
  • A General discussion was had about the state of the EK finances & upcoming curia
  • Investiture
    • Event review and positive final balance
  • Al Hafla
    • Will be held at St. Paul’s Levittown. A deposit is needed for the church & insurance certificate needs to be ordered
  • Slate of new officers
    • Seneschal – Cynthia (Deputy – Christine)
    • Exchequer – Frank
    • Herald – Jackie (Deputy – Trent)
    • MoAS – Suellen
    • Chatelaine – Jaz (Deputy – Adrien)
    • Web Minister – Christine (Deputy – Stephen)
    • Knight Marshall – Bill
    • MoL – Adrien
    • Chronicler – Sigridh

Baronial Awards, Scribes & Champions (heavy, fencing, A&S, Brewing, Archer & Thrown Weapons), Baldrics

Next meeting is 2/21/19

Business Meeting Minutes, December 2018

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Baronial Meeting Minutes 12/13/18


  • Checking on submissions status from Pennsic
  • Jackie and Trent will be assisting as book heralds


  • Couple of new people have expressed interested after investiture and the holidays


  • Will look into Google Chat to implement in case of bad weather for meetings

Knight Marshal

  • Working on ideas for our heavy championship
  • Talking with Bhakail’s Knight Marshal about a melee event between the two of us  – looser gets Franklin Mills


  • Suellen has agreed to take over as MoAS


  • Balance is $2712.43 – $1600 for Christ Home about $300 each for feast and dayboard


  • Discussed a few last minute things for investiture

Next meeting is 1/17/19

July 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

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Shire Meeting Minutes 7/19/18


  • $568 check out to Owlsherst for our portion of Shire Wars
  • Shire Wars will be an RP this year and a request has been made for the following volunteers: Royal liason,field hall coordinator & grounds keeper. Pre‐registration is needed if you want cabin space
  • New insurance certificate was needed for new Artisan’s Village Date

  • No 2nd practice for July or practice in August due to Pennsic. Will resume in September

Knight Marshal

  • Several new people have been coming to heavy practice. No practice until September due to Pennsic

Chatelaine/Web Minister

  • Fencing information on our web page was fixed
  • Every group must now have a social media officer and Facebook pages must be “unofficial” or closed to the general public


  • Need to make banners
  • Trying out a new company that prints on fabric to mass make favors and make some banners
  • Potential demo at Christ Home (site of investiture) on August 25
  • 2 potential field trips. 1 to a Viking exhibit at Mystic Museum and another Viking exhibit in Philly
  • Archery is going well at the new site
  • Samples of new barony t‐shirts and tote bags are being made. Will bring to next meeting

Artisan’s Village

  • Moved to Labor Day weekend and there is a local Viking re‐enactment group that will be joining us
  • Possible brewing competition Investiture
  • The event will be held at Christ Home in Warminster in their new rec center
  • This will be an “all hands on deck” event
  • Need volunteers for the following: troll, feast (Christiane is looking into cooks)
  • Looking into tokens
  • We will do feast and cap it at 80.
  • We would like to get paypal for pre‐reg


  • Committee met to discuss awards. Service being the 1st one we need to get in place. The award “The Order of the Cervus” with a kneeling deer as the design was recommended by the committee

The next barony meeting will be Thursday, August 16 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.

July 2018

February 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

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Shire Meeting Minutes 2/22/18



  • Barony status: waiting for approval of the BOD at the April meeting.
  •  Congratulations to Jenevra (Christine) on her writ for Laurel.  Elevation will be at EK 50th.


  • There will be a block printing class on the 1st Sunday in March.  There is a listing on Facebook.
  • Known World A&S symposium will be the 2nd week of March in King of Prussia.
  • The next A&S class will be calligraphy/Illumination.

Chatelaine/Web Minister

  • New visitor  ‐ Welcome Katy.
  • Adrien is working on making Gold Key & getting printed ribbon to sew into gold key with our name on to
    identify garb as the shire’s.
  • EK web team is setting up a team/shared drive through our Google account.  An invite will be sent.


  • Our current balance is [redacted from public].  2 checks outstanding.  1 from Shire Wars and 1 from K & Q.


  • We are now averaging 6 fencers at every practice.


  • No Report

Artisan’s Village

  •  Site is reserved and looking into a large tent.


  • A response was received from Kingdom on insurance.  Only our standard insurance is acceptable, can’t
    put library, grange, etc. on insurance and can’t sign other groups wavers.


  • Coronet concepts presented and Muin’s design was selected.
  • Need to begin looking for potential sites and need an event steward for investiture.

The next Shire meeting will be Thursday, March 15 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center.

 Business Meeting Minutes February 2018

January 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

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Shire Meeting Minutes 1/18/18
 The passing of Duke Kenric was noted and a moment of silence was observed
 The Barony Polling results are in with a positive vote for barony by our populace and Ray & Kirsten as
Baron/Baroness. This was approved by Kingdom and Their Majesties. It now goes to the BOD at their
January meeting for approval.
 Officers have been instructed to use their official EK email for sending all reports
 December minutes should be posted soon
 Will do winter newsletter shortly
Knight Marshall
 Heavy fighter practice will be held again at the Nature Center on Wednesday
 There will be no February 1 st Sunday A&S due to the Super Bowl, although Ray will probably be going to
the Viking Garb Workshop in Lehighton and suggested a group outing up there if anyone else was
interested in going
 Block Printing will be the A&S topic on March 4 th and Calligraphy in April, but the date will need to be
decided since the 1 st Sunday is Easter and the 2 nd Sunday is the Rock & Mineral Expo at the nature center
Chatelaine/Web Minister
 2017 Reports Sent. Suellen’s son Steven will be stepping up as Christine’s deputy
 No report
Exchequer/Fencing Marshall
 Year-end balance is $3878.46 which is up substantially from last year. Frank pointed out that we need to
do more than break even or make a little on any upcoming events since we will have more expenses as a
 We are now averaging 6 fencers at every practice
Artisan’s Village
 Christine sent an email to Erin at the County Parks office requesting the site at Tohickon Valley Park again
this year on the 1 st weekend in June. She is awaiting a response on that as well as questions on the
availability of a large tent, handicapped porta john and alcohol permit.
 The request from the Grange to have them, the library and the township put on our insurance for
Wrightstown Demo was sent to the Kingdom Seneschal for input earlier in the week
 A “to do” list was discussed pending BOD approval which included: New banners, tabards, awards,
coronets, favors & largesse. A google doc was discussed that we can list other “buck/deer” themed
awards that are already used by other Kingdoms/baronies and where we can brainstorm a list for our own
The next Shire meeting has been moved to one week later to Thursday, February 22 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville
Nature Center due to our Seneschal being on vacation.

  January 2018

December 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

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Shire Meeting Minutes 12/21/17 Seneschal

  •   No report on polling MoAS
  •   A block carving and printing class has been requested as well as a felting class and Illumination. Felting MoL
  •   Kimberly got to spend more time learning from Baroness Judith at Shire Wars during the marshalled events


 We have on new person interested. Need to make a variety of loaner garb/sizes

Web Minister

  •   Christine renewed her warrant and is good for two years. Emails have all been migrated to the new Google site.


  •   Kimberly got to do more learning at K&Q Rapier and helped with the round robin but not scoring


 No Report

King’s & Queen’s Rapier

  •   Everything went very smoothly and very positive feedback from fencers as well as from the community college.
  •   200 in attendance. Compliments from attendees on the speed of registration/gate
  •   Total Income was $2876.51, Expenses $1128.19, net $1748.32 which is split with kingdom since this was a

    kingdom event so our final net is $874.16 Wrightstown

 The Grange is still requiring insurance. It was decided to send the information on to kingdom from the grange and get their input before making a decision

Artisan’s Village

 It was decided to do Artisan’s Village again this year and the dates will be June 1‐3 up at Tohickon Valley Park in Point Pleasant again

The meeting was adjourned for some Holiday fun

The next Shire meeting is Thursday, January 18 at 7:30 pm at the Churchville Nature Center

  December 2017