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Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal – Jenevra, please – serves as the Shire’s Webminister. She works in I.T. in her mundane life, and is happy to share her skills with this fine group of people.

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November 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in Chronicler | 0 comments

Shire Meeting Minutes 11/16/17 Seneschal There will be a curia at Yule that seneschals are asked to attend. Ray mentioned a subject he felt needs to be brought up. As a former seneschal he feels there needs to be more clarification between the requirements/duties of Kingdom officers and local officers and that is not well defined in kingdom law. Christine suggested that the information be sent to Katherine Barr beforehand. MoAS A block carving and printing class has been requested and is a possibility in January for the 1st Sunday A&S....

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December Schedule

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in Administrivia, Seneschal | 0 comments

Greetings all! In December many of us will be attending the Yule revels in Bhakail. If you’d like to sit as a group at feast, please let Ravenna know. We are hosting King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship at Bucks County Community College. This is an all hand’s on deck event, please reach out to Sighrid and let her know how you can help. We will enjoy our own small holiday celebration immediately following the business meeting – oh who am I kidding, during –  on 12/21 at the Nature Center. Please bring a...

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Change of Status Polling

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Seneschal | 0 comments

Change of Status Polling

Greetings unto the Populace of the Shire of Buckland Cross! The Populace Polling Ballots for Change of Branch Status and Baron/Baroness Selection are currently being printed, and will be mailed by the end of this week. All paid members currently residing in the Shire of Buckland Cross will receive one. If you do not receive one, and you are a paid member residing within the shire boundaries, please contact the Shire Seneschal. In this polling you are being asked two questions; your preference in Change of Status from the Shire of Buckland...

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Fighter Practice Cancelled for 10/25/17

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Knight Marshal | 0 comments

Our marshal is under the weather so practice is cancelled for tonight. Hit the pell, have some fun and we will see you next week!

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Baronial Status Meeting Minutes

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Chronicler | 0 comments

Special Meeting for “Barony” pollings 9/26/17   General Business Items – *Discussed coronation gift for Their Highnesses *There is now a Shire Wars charter that will be presented to Their Majesties but must first be approved By the shires.  There is also going to be some sort of schtick for feast   Barony Kingdom is going to try and do both the polling for approval in change of status to barony and the polling for Baron & Baroness to the populous of Buckland Cross together to expedite the process Once we are a barony we will...

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First Baronial Nominations

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Administrivia | 0 comments

As you all know we are in the process of changing status to become a Barony. Therefore we need to elect our Baronial leadership. Per a unanimous vote at last night’s Business Meeting we will, for this first election, accept nominations. We are accepting nominations, be they of others or self-nominated, for one week. The nominated persons MUST agree to stand in the polling. Through Wednesday, October 4, 2017 you may email your nomination to our Seneschal, Lady Ravenna, at seneschal <at> bucklandcross.eastkingdom.org. At the close...

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Barony Status Meeting

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Event, Seneschal | 0 comments

Increasing the bandwidth! All good gentles are invited to attend this meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming poll in which we decide as a group if we would like to become a Barony. We will also decide on how we will elect a new Baron/Baroness and what their terms of office shall be. Please come and share your voice!   Barony Status...

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September 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017 in Chronicler | 0 comments

Shire Meeting Minutes 9/14/17 Welcome to our visitors Seneschal Our petition has been submitted for change of status to barony. Polling will be sent soon by mail.  Be sure that your membership is up to date if you wish to vote. Web Minister/Chatelaine Minutes are up on the website Officers please remember to check your emails One new contact, Scott – Welcome to the meeting Exchequer Pre-registrations and other shire payments have come in for Shire Wars. 1st & 2nd quarter reports have been adjusted per kingdom’s request Variance on...

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Wrightstown Demo Cancelled for 2017

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Administrivia, Event | 0 comments

Good Day to all our shire members, friends, and neighbors, We write to inform that we must step away this year from involvement with the Wrightstown Village Renaissance Faire.  We have been involved for over a decade.  The officers of Buckland Cross have voted it necessary, in this brief step away, to re-examine our relationship with the event and to properly resolve policy conflicts which newly exist between the Middletown Grange and the Society. Please know that we are extremely grateful to all those who offered to volunteer this year. ...

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August 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Chronicler | 0 comments

Shire Meeting Minutes 8/17/17 The meeting was conducted by Baroness Jenevra in Lady Ravenna’s absence. Web Minister/Chatelaine Chatelaine – No new contacts Web – There has been a phishing attempt on Kingdom Emails, please use caution Exchequer; Herald; MoL; Knight Marshall No Report Chronicler Summer Newsletters are available MoAS Will probably do a class on how to run an event No classes until after Wrightstown   Our Next meetings will be on 9/14 & 10/12 to accommodate for events   K&Q Rapier December 16 is a good...

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