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Artisans’ Village and Brewer’s University

The Shire of Buckland Cross is honored to continue the tradition begun by Hartshorn-dale! We would like to extend an invitation to you to our Artisans’ Village, June 16-18, 2017 at Tohickon Valley Park in Bucks County, PA.  This is a place for all to gather and enjoy the arts and sciences practiced throughout the land.

The Village

Each area of the village will house one category of artisan, such as glass workers, cooks and brewers, fiber artists, metal workers, and many more.  Within each area, all are welcome to come and join their fellow artisans and work on projects in the company of friends.  There will also be classes scheduled throughout the weekend, both in the village areas as well as in a centralized class area.  If you are interested in running or being part of an artisan area or teaching a class, please contact Baroness Jenevra de Carvalhal. Each area will have a coordinator to help make sure each area has whatever tables and spaces the artisans need.  The coordinator will also help find artisans to participate in the region.  The schedule will be posted on this site before the event.

Area Coordinators & Class Descriptions

Please contact the area coordinator listed below if you are interested in teaching, demonstrating or displaying your art.


Metalwork and Blacksmithing, Lord Declan Gobha, Coordinator

Lampworking and Glass, Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin, Coordinator

Fiber Arts, Lady Sighrid Bengsdottir, , Coordinator

Beginners narrow band weaving, 11am – 1pm

Have you recently purchased a small loom or are thinking about taking that step? Join Lady Sighridh as we go over the basics for both inkle and tablet weaving. How to choose your thread/yarn, how to read a pattern, how to warp your loom and starting to weave. A basic pattern for each type of weaving will be provided, but we’ll also look at some of the books available for patterns.

If you have a loom, please bring it along with several different colors of #10 cotton crochet thread and shuttle. If you are interested in learning tablet weaving, please also bring along weaving cards. If you have any question on supplies or where to purchase weaving items please email Lady Sigridh at . For those who do not have a loom, Sigridh will have looms set up with inkle and tablet weaving so that others can try their hand.

Experienced weavers are invited to join in to encourage and assist the newcomers!

Japanese Temari Ball Embroidery, 2pm – 5pm

Come learn how to create a Temari, a decorative embroidered ball. Lady Sigridh will be teaching the basics of a simple Temari. She will explain how the base is created, but to save us time and allow us to begin embroidering right away, she will be providing prepared bases for 8 students, as well as needles and thread for the project.

Abbey of St. Aegir Brewing Village, Thane Alexander Makcristyne, Coordinator

Beginner Historical Brewing in the SCA, 11am

A Systematic Approach to Historical Reconstruction, 1pm

Arts & Sciences Consultation Table, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa), Coordinator, 3pm – 4pm

This is a chance for artisans to get feedback on their A&S projects & documentation from those familiar with the process of judging A&S. We are happy to talk informally with you about your project, offering our general thoughts and advice, or, we can provide you with a more structured sample walk-through of your project based on the latest draft of the kingdom A&S championship rubric.

If you cannot chat during the scheduled time at the event (TBD), but wish feedback, please e-mail Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa), and we will arrange another time to talk at the event. While walk-ups are most welcome, if you know you are interested in a consultation, please feel free to e-mail Lissa ahead of time to help with scheduling.

Children’s Play Area, Lady Abigail Russo (Please contact the Event Steward)

Open Maker-space

This year we will have open space for teaching and making – an SCA maker-faire! Here are some things planned.

Not just snowflakes: Papercut Art throughout the world, Lord Ciaran Ua Meic Thire, 11am

Everyone remembers making paper snowflakes at some point in their childhood but did you know they are actually a period art? This and other styles of art- all created using just paper and a knife/chisel/scissors- have been created throughout the world since the 4th Century AD. While there are over a dozen different styles or types of papercut art, this class with focus on teaching 3 styles: Jian Zhi from China, Sanjhi from India, and Scherenschnitte from Germany as well as the history of the art and symbolism behind subject matter and colors, etc. Supplies will be provided for the class. All over the age of 12 are welcome to participate (sitting in and observing is welcome to all who are interested).

Cooking demonstration: Couscous, Magister Galefridus Peregrinus, 2pm start, ongoing

Come and try your hard at making couscous! Bring a container – or a plate – and enjoy your couscous later on!

Wooden Garden Structures, Finnguala ingen Néill meic Chuircc, 2-4pm, drop-in

Pictures from illuminations and a couple different kinds of wood will be available for gentles to “play” with how different species of wood work for the various structures depicted.

The Challenge and Display

In addition to the day of demonstrations and hands-on workshops, there are challenges to be given and challenges to be met.  Anyone is welcome to submit a challenge, and all are encouraged to take up the challenges.  In the past we have had a wide array of challenges, with examples such as create a period bow string and create a scroll blank and donate it to the kingdom.  For examples of  previous years’ challenges, visit 2014 Artisans Challenges or 2015 Artisans’ Village Challenges.

The challenges will be posted on this site as they are submitted, so please check back frequently.  Please submit your challenge to this email.  There will be a time allotted in the schedule for those who have issues challenges to get feedback and show off their work, so they will not miss any other parts of the event.

Make a Period Bead – Lady Lillian Little – Bring the documentation for a period bead, and make it the day of the event on one of the torches at the glass bead station on Artisan’s Row! Why did you choose that bead, what is the most challenging about it, what would you do differently? All entrants get a token of appreciation for entering.

Make a Modern Bead – Lady Carowyn Silveroak – Yes, yes, I know, we study the arts of the Middle Ages, but as soon as you’re known as a glass bead person, someone wants you to make a modern bead. (For me, it’s always hearts. I *loathe* hearts. Really.Loathe.Them. I’d rather make the type named for a Greek mythological person with a hope-filled box ALL DAY rather than make another non-anthropological shape….where was I? Oh, ranting, sorry….) Anyway, take some of the techniques you’ve learned making period beads, and apply it to a modern bead. Or is there a technique that is totally escaping you, but you should work on it anyway? Come in and we’ll hash it out. All entrants will receive a token of appreciation for entering.

Mystery Fiber! – Lady Elena Little – Bring your favorite spindle! Or maybe a selection! I’m coming with a mystery fiber, a sample bag’s worth, and I’d like you to try to spin it on the spot! When you’re finished, I’ll ask you all sorts of questions – what do you think it is, what was easy and hard about spinning it, what would you do differently, what would you change? All entrants get a token of appreciation for entering.

Teach Me Something – Lord Corwyn Ravenwing – have you learned something fun recently? Cool, teach it to me! Take 5 to 10 minutes to tell me about it, demonstrate, gesticulate wildly, or whatever it takes to convey information. All entrants will receive a token of appreciation for entering.

Challenge winners will be announced at feast.

Sing for the East!

CDs will be available to purchase at Artisan’s Village, near Gate. This CD collection contains songs celebrating the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, by some of the kingdom’s pre-eminent bards, past and present. These are all-new productions of songs in the “Sing for the East” songbook, Volume I & II, with the help of several other talented performers.

All profits from “Sing for the East” will be donated to the East Kingdom Royal Travel Fund.


Artisan’s Village Event Program

Brewer’s University

More details to come!

Abbey of St. Aegir Brewing Village

Teaching and demonstration of over-the-fire brewing of a basic mead using period recipes, recipe(s) to be determined. Bystanders may be invited to participate in the brewing and ALL are welcome to watch and ask questions. May end up doing two batches depending on how long the first one takes.

Abbey Contact, Thane Alexander Makcristyne


Beginner Historical Brewing in the SCA, 11am

A Systematic Approach to Historical Reconstruction, 1pm


1 Mead demo(short)

1 Beer demo (all day)

1 Hands On Demo after day board (people can help make a new batch where they will get a bottle person who help, up to 20, when the batch is finished out).

A brewing round table

Brewing classes

EKBG panel

Camping & Accommodations

For those interested in camping, there is ample space for tents. There are bathrooms available, and one has showers.

Please pre-register if you are planning on camping, so the best allotment of space can be determined and enough breakfast (included) prepared. Camping fees are under “Hours & Fees.”

For those not interested in camping and wishing for more modern amenities, there are many fine B&Bs and small inns in the area, as well as hotels in the Doylestown area which is about 10 miles southwest. Click here for a Google Map of hotels and inns in the area, or contact the hotels below.

Tohickon Valley Park, 158-164 Cafferty Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947
If arriving from the east or south, Route 32 gets twisty just before you reach Cafferty Road – please take it slow! Use the Group Camping entrance – watch for the signs!


A dayboard will be provided on Saturday and Sunday for all who attend.  Feast details are still being worked out. We will post the menu as soon as it is finalized for folks to review for dietary and allergy concerns.

We have a permit for beer & wine on site. As this is a County park, please be discreet.

Contact: His Royal Highness Sir Ivan Ivanov, Knight of the Round Grille (Our head victualer for the weekend.)

This menu is not yet final, but to give you an idea – if it can be cooked with fire, we may try it! Updates will be posted closer to the event. Feast will be informal.

Friday Evening Snacks

  • Fruit
  • Bread and Cheese
  • Ham 
  • Hot water for tea/coffee/cocoa
  • Cold water

Saturday Breakfast

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Quiche
  • French Toast Casserole
  • Fruit
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Assorted juices

Saturday Day Board

Ploughman’s Lunch Style

  • Meat on a stick (beef slices and or sausages)
  • Sliced Ham
  • Cube cheese
  • Hard boil eggs
  • Breads
  • Relishes and jams
  • Pickled items
  • Raw veggies
  • Fruits

Saturday Dinner

Victor’s Feast (Feast token required, see fees)

  • Grilled meats on platters
    • Roasted Beef
    • Roasted Chicken thighs
    • Roasted Pork
  • Vegetables
    • Sautéed green beans
    • Salad greens
    • Mushroom tarts
    • Peas
    • Glazed carrot
  • Fruits and sweets
    • Fig dish
    • Seasonal berries
    • Baked apples
  • Dinner Beverage
    • Water
    • Strawberry water
    • Ginger Water
    • Senkanjabin

Sunday Breakfast

Same as Saturday plus leftovers


Hours & Fees

Dates: June 16-18, 2017

Site Opens: 5pm on Friday

Site Closes: 3pm on Sunday


  • Adult= $20
  • Adult with SCA Membership= $15
  • Youth = $15
  • Youth with SCA Membership (6-17) = $10
  • Children 5 and under= Free


  • $5 per person


  • Family Max no camping $50
  • Family max camping $60


  • Feast: $10
  • Feast Cap: 60 people
  • Deadline: June 1, 2017


Mail registrations to:

Christine Connors

936 Roeloffs Road

Yardley, PA 19067

Please include membership details for each registrant and make checks payable to SCA Inc. – Shire of Buckland Cross.



Please use this form to contact the Event Steward should you have any questions.


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