New Officers Elected!

Congratulations to all the new Baronial Officers elected at last Thursday’s business meeting. Thank you Suellen Case Tatrai, Jaz Jennifer Alexis, Adrienne Ruth, Jacqueline Ann Callin, Bill Clarkson for stepping up as MoAS, Chatelaine, MOL, Herald, and Knight Marshal respectively. Thanks also to Trent Direnna, and Kimberly Bellis Cavallo, and Steven Tatri for serving as Deputy Herald, Deputy MoAS, and Deputy Web Minister. Continued Thanks to Cynthia Ann Marco, Christine Connors, and Frank Hetherington III for extending your service as Seneschal, Web Minister, and Exchequer. Sigridh and I are very pleased and proud of all of you, and look foward to working and playing with you over the next couple years. ~Aurddeilen

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